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World’s Largest Coating System Goes on a Journey

The one or the other project is very multi-layered.
Particularly then if it concerns a coating system and it must very tediously be brought to the New World.

500-ton containers were required for the transport and the then subsequent mounting of the world’s largest coating system which, since its mounting, had extended to more than 200 metres in length.

25 employees worked for more than four months in order to prepare everything well for the big trip and then to do the complete cabling and set-up work again on-site. Not only was the journey far, but also required diplomatic skill in dealing with customs issues. By the time that the entire move was completed, the crew sometimes worked up to 24 hours per day in two shifts in order to master this truly monumental task.


Project facts:

500 tons/containers
200 meters in machine length
25 employees
4 months

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