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Rolling, rolling, rolling: A 50-meter operation rolls through Bavaria

The Blues Brothers’ music would have certainly fit perfectly as we carried out a complete factory move in Bavaria!

250 heavy-duty lorries and 25 employees made it possible to move a “complete machine length” of an unbelievable 50 metres from A to B.

There are things which don’t occur every day! Everybody has already moved at least once in his life and knows how quickly the contents of one’s own four walls can take up lots of space in a heavy-duty lorry. But what happens when a complete company moves with its production equipment?

Fortunately, we indeed are there for you because no challenge is too great for our specialists! For this project, there was a fixed timetable to attain the prescribed goals. So that the machines were able to be moved from their original location, the roof was removed from the old production site so that a special crane could safely load the valuable freight on the heavy-duty lorries. Now, the machines were rolling to their new home and once again had to find a new place to be set up on-site. At this point, not only was a good eye for proportions required, but rather the highest degree of precision!

We are one of the few select mounting companies who are allowed to use the Paralign measurement technology which was also used for this project. With the related measurement device, we provided the highest degree of parallelism for the factory equipment which was set up once again – even then if no visual contact was possible. Through this ground-breaking measurement technology, we attain set-up tolerances in the micrometre range – and, in the end, everything is in its right place.

Within one year’s time, we had implemented a complete factory move and were done even faster than had been originally planned. By finishing early, our customer was able to resume production faster and saved a lot of money at the same time!


Project facts:

250 heavy-duty lorries
25 employees
12 months
50-metre machine length


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