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International heavyweights: 40 machines in four months

Old treasures and very modern types of machines– after the closure of a German factory for the production of gears for wind energy facilities and ship-building, a real mammoth task awaited our specialists.

After it was auctioned off on-site, the production equipment installed there had to be properly dismantled and loaded.

As the general contractor, we were given the privilege of having to deliver 25 principals and their 40 machines to a wide array of destinations in only four months. 12 of our best employees already worked in advance to optimally prepare the various types of machines for the grinding, polishing and milling required for the looming trip.

Some types of equipment were truly heavyweight and oftentimes weighed up to 21 tons which had to be transported via international routes to Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey. Even if the communication with our international partners can be described as being particularly challenging, everything functioned very smoothly and the deadlines that had been set could be successfully met.


Project facts:

12 employees
40 machines
25 international principals
4 months

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