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Excursion with “Pachyderms” in South Africa

Humans and machines experienced a true adventure in South Africa.

1,800 km had to be overcome in order to bring our customer’s “pachyderm-sized” printing machines to the new location.

This adventure also was associated with a lot of unforeseen events. Unfortunately, direct access to the work site was not possible. After the dismantling in Durban, by using a heavy-duty crane, we packed everything “piggy-back” on the ten heavy-duty lorries that had been provided.

The correct positioning of the crane at the starting location was already not “business as usual” – but rather very fine filigree work. Thus, then one “pachyderm” after another soared through the air for the looming safari and was able to be safely loaded. David Copperfield would have enjoyed it because the machines hovered elegantly and as light as a feather through the air like his enchanting female assistants do. Overall, approx. 40 meters of pulleys and machines were assembled which we then were able to send just-in-time on the “expedition”. Our men had a magnificent view on their work-related journey. Passing by a fantastic backdrop, a breath-taking and diverse landscape appeared which accompanied the project team to its destination.


Project facts:

10 heavy-duty lorries
1,800 km
40-meter pulley length/machine length


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